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Tips To Avoid Cultivating Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

  • Nov 19, 2020
  • admin

Be mindful of YOUR behavior around your dog. Below are some tips to help YOU avoid cultivating a
separation anxiety behavioral problem with your dog.


  • Pet your dog, all the time
  • Talk to your dog, all the time
  • Allow your dog to follow you, all the time
  • Allow your dog to be on your lap or laying on your feet, all the time
  • Pet, soothe, comfort your dog when it whines or barks for attention…or is simply anxious
  • Allow your dog to demand affection/interactions
  • Be emotionally dependent on your dog
  • Allow your dog to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants
  • Refuse to crate train your dog
  • Refuse to correct your dog when inappropriate behavior occurs
  • Refuse to train your dog to be calm, relaxed, and independent by using a “Place

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