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Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?
Or would you like help to take your dog to the next level?


Owning a dog is a little bit tougher than you imagined huh?

When you first got your dog you might of thought how great it will be to have that furry companion running around the house, greeting you when you got home after a long day at work. Keeping you company at your favorite patio coffee shop. Maybe taking a trip with you down to the harbor.

But you are having some trouble with your dog that you didn’t expect or plan for. Or maybe you just didn’t have time to train your dog.

We offer multiple lengths of boot camps. Schedule a training consultation and let’s talk about what will work best for your best friend.


As expert Camp Pendleton dog trainers, at ‘IQ K9 Training’  we provide Marine families with a variety of safe and fun dog training programs to help Camp Pendleton Marine dog and puppy owners achieve a dog that is super happy and under control, even around distractions.

We begin our dog training with a Consultation to help us gain more information about your dog, the challenges you are facing and the goals you have for your dog.

At ‘IQ K9 Training’, we offer a number of personalized dog training programs to fit every goal and budget.  We have a variety of dog training Boarding School & Boot Camp for dogs.  We are proud to service the Camp Pendleton Marines.

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