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Total Transformation: Transform Your Dog’s Behavior in Just 3 Weeks with Our Immersion Dog Training Program

If your furry friend is showing problematic behaviors such as jumping on people, pulling on the leash, or barking excessively, our 3-week immersion dog training program can help resolve these issues. Our program is designed to give your dog the training and care they need to become a well-behaved and obedient companion.

At the end of the 3-week program, you will be able to enjoy peaceful walks around the neighborhood with your dog, have guests over without any disruptions, and have a better understanding of how to communicate with your furry friend.

Our 3-week Immersion Dog Training Program includes:

A 3-week stay with us, where we provide training and care for your dog at our home facility

Unlimited private reinforcement lessons for a year, to ensure that your dog’s training is maintained
Homework sheet and training videos to support your dog’s learning at home
Lifetime support via zoom, email, and phone
15 commands for behavior and obedience, which your dog will learn during the program
All necessary training equipment included
With our 3-week immersion dog training program, you can enjoy a well-behaved and obedient companion for life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our program and how we can help you and your furry friend
A 3-week stay with us, where we provide training and care for your dog at our home facility.

Stop Unwanted Behaviors and Transform Your Dog’s Life with Our Training Program

Our 3 week immersion dog training program is designed to help your furry friend become well-behaved, obedient, and a joy to be around. With our program, your dog will learn 11 essential commands and behaviors that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. These include:

  • Advanced Place: Teach your dog to stay on a designated mat, bench, or other furniture item until released.
  • Hiking Training: Train your dog to walk off-leash and stay by your side while hiking.
  • Wait: Teach your dog to wait patiently at doors until given permission to enter.
  • Car Etiquette: Teach your dog to remain calm and quiet while riding in a car.
  • Come: Train your dog to come to you on command.
  • Sit/Stay: Teach your dog to sit and stay in one spot until released.
  • Heel: Train your dog to walk by your side without pulling on the leash.
  • Let’s Go: Teach your dog to walk with you without pulling on the leash.
  • Place: Train your dog to go to their bed or crate on command.
  • Crate Training: Help your dog learn to be comfortable and relaxed in their crate.
  • Off: Teach your dog not to dig, nip, jump, or engage in other unwanted behaviors.

Our program also includes commands for nuisance barking or whining, as well as a release command for playtime. Plus, we’ll teach your dog to respond to “yes” and “no” commands to help reinforce positive behaviors.

With our 3 week Immersion Training Program, your furry friend will become a well-behaved and obedient companion for life. Contact us to learn more about our program and how we can help you and your dog enjoy a happy, stress-free life together.

Stop Unwanted Behaviors and Transforms
_Is The 2-Week Immersion Dog Training Program

Is The 3-Week Immersion Dog Training Program The Right Fit My Dog And I?

Our 3-week dog training immersion program is a great fit for the majority of dogs. This program includes the ‘come’ command, polite leash walking and lots of training around distraction. It is a fantastic fit for most dogs and families and you will experience successful, lasting results. Talk to our Dedicated Dog Trainers to find out if this program is right for your dog.

This dog training immersion program also includes a year of follow-up reinforcement lessons, so you will have the support you need!

The 3-week dog training immersion program is a great fit if:

  • You are experiencing nuisance behaviors with your dog
  • Your dog is pulling on the leash
  • Your dog is not listening to you
  • Your dog does not come when called
  • Your dog is beginning to display some concerning behavioral problems

Important Note: Our 3-Week Immersion Dog Training Program is highly effective and our most popular program. We can usually achieve the results you desire within this timeframe. However, if your dog has extensive experience with undesirable behaviors, or if you desire a higher level of obedience, our 4-Week Immersion Dog Training Program may be a better fit. That being said, most dogs achieve fantastic results with our 3-week program.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Let these Amazing Dog Training Success Stories Inspire You

Kelli U.

“Update: Our dog is still great! Reflecting on the year we’ve had with our dog, and how far we’ve come since training. I have to say that she is doing amazing! Since completing our CGC & Trick classes with IQ K9, our dog has gone on to have so many other positive experiences. – We have taken her on many hikes, most of which we do off-leash. – She has been able to accompany us to bars, restaurants and even the gym. – We’ve approached new experiences like urban mushing with confidence, thanks to our bond and understanding of our dog. Everywhere we’ve gone, she has been complimented on her good behavior & tricks which we attribute to her training with IQ K9. IQ K9 has helped us to bond with our dog, and as a result, we have had an amazing year with her. Board & Review: We were happy to have Yuki stay with them when we went out of town this holiday season. Lianne was easy to communicate with as always, and was very flexible with the drop-off and pick-up times. Their new property is also very beautiful! It was just good to have some peace of mind that Yuki would be with someone she was familiar with, and holds the same standards for her that we do. Tips: make sure you download your map before heading out to their Fallbrook facility (cell service is non-existent). TL;DR IQ K9 is fantastic, even almost after a year of training! ”

~Kelli U.

K M.

“We had been struggling to train our lively boxer puppy, but were not having much success. I had read training tips and watched videos and even took a class with… read more other families and their dogs. We just couldn’t seem to get past her wild behavior and get her to pay attention. (She was not mean, just playful and willful.) We were ready to give up and we needed some serious help! I saw a video by IQK9 on YouTube and was so impressed that I decided to call – I had seen their vehicles in town, so I knew they were local. That was the BEST CALL I HAVE EVER MADE! We chose the 1 week program. (We missed our girl, but they posted pictures and we could see she was doing great and having fun.) When we went to pick her up a week later, we were AMAZED! She was listening to the trainer, happily responding to: SIT, PLACE, HEEL, LET’S GO, OFF, COME, and more. Then they trained both of us how to communicate effectively with our pup and to practice her new commands. Besides her 1 week “Boot Camp,” we had 3 training sessions to help us work on things at home and around distractions. Our puppy listens and obeys now, but she is still full of energy and is incredibly goofy (she is a boxer!) We don’t feel like human chew toys any more, and we know she is safer on our ranch than she was before: she comes when we call and drops things when we tell her “off!” She is capable of so much more than we ever dreamed! We completely and highly recommend IQK9! ”

~ K M.


Photo Gallery

Belows are some photos of clients dogs training and having fun on our property and in our home


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked dog training questions are answered here.
If you have any questions not covered, please Contact Us.

Will my dog forget who I am?

No. Your dog will be more than excited to see you when you pick him up for his “go home” lesson.

It may seem difficult, but one of the best things you can do for your dog is have him stay with someone else. It will give him the experience and confidence to live with someone else in a different environment. An example of a dog who has not been shown this picture, an issue we see, is some dogs will only go to the bathroom in their own personal backyard. This is concerning, yet easily remedied by having them stay with someone else.

Another benefit is your dog will be comfortable boarding with us, just in case a real-life hurdle comes your way and you have to leave your dog somewhere, its good to know your dog will be confident, staying with us or someone else, while you are away.

How many dogs do you train at a time?

Boarding and training is the fastest and most intensive training program we offer. Your dog is kept very busy learning behaviors, exercising and playing everyday during their Board and Train stay.

We commonly have 4 to 9 dogs consistently staying with us for Board and Train. We have 4 trainers and we begin our days at 6:30am. The dogs are on a constant rotation throughout the day. They work on commands and behaviors around distractions as well as bathroom breaks, play sessions and hikes. Their last potty and walk is about 9:30pm and they go to bed at 10:00pm. We are fully staffed 7 days a week including all holidays.

What is your guarantee?

Your dog will have the knowledge and will perform the commands for someone who has the knowledge and will to enforce them. Basically, as long as you follow our instructions, which are very easy and user friendly, you and your dog will do fantastic.

We back up our programs with reinforcement lessons. Some of our programs include multiple reinforcement lessons including a year of lessons or lifetime lessons, depending on the program you choose. This gives you the privilege of scheduling future private lessons for you and your dog, with an IQ K9 Professional Dog Trainer, at no further cost to you. We are here to help and support you with your dog training needs!

Does training occur 7 days a week?

Yes. All Board and Train dogs undergo several lessons per day, 7 days a week.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are not set up for payment plans. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. We collect a $500 deposit in order to hold your dates. Full payment in advance must be received on the day your dog arrives for training.

What if I have to cancel my dogs training?

If you cancel and do not reschedule your dog’s training, your deposit ($500) is forfeited.

What if I need to change my training dates?

Changing training start dates is usually not a big issue and your deposit is not forfeited. Please give us as much advance notice as possible. We only take in a handful of dogs at a time, so space is limited.

What will my dogs day look like?

Your dog will wake at 6:30am and begin their day. Throughout the day, your dog will be learning commands and marker words, playing relationship games and practicing around distractions. In addition, your dog will be going on hikes and have plenty of potty time as well. The training lessons and playtimes vary in duration and times of day depending on your dog’s motivation, drive, and interest. In addition, your dog will be able to spend some time in our backyard areas throughout the day to take in the fresh air and watch everything that is going on around them. Last potty break is around 9:30pm and bedtime is 10:00pm.

Will you be able to feed my dog their own, regular food during their stay or do you change their diet?

We prefer to feed the food your dog is used to. We don’t want to risk them getting an upset stomach from a diet change. From kibble to raw, including supplements and medication, it is no problem for us. We have a fully equipped kitchen, freezer, fridge and safe food storage.

Will my dog listen to me or will they only listen to the trainer?

Our style of training is very transferable to you and everyone in your family. Once your dog completes their Board and Train stay, we do a series of reinforcement lessons with you and your family, this is when we transfer the leadership role over to you. We typically continue lessons until your dog is listening better to you than to us. This is our goal. On average, this will take 2 to 5 lessons.

How do the follow-up reinforcement lessons work and how often do you do those?

Typically we meet with you for a lesson a week, but it is a case-by-case basis, depending upon the dogs needs and the clients needs. The first “go home” lesson (this is when you pick your dog up), lasts about an hour and a half to two hours. Further lessons last about 45 minutes to an hour and usually occur weekly after that.

Where are the follow-up reinforcement lessons located?

Lessons are held at our facility in Valley Center.

We offer lessons in the public included with some of our Board and Train programs. These lessons can take place at your home or many different locations in public and there are many options to suit your needs.

Do you train around real-life distractions?

Yes, in all of our programs we train around distractions with outstanding success. Each day, your dog will be immersed in dog and people distractions as well as training in different environments (both indoors and outside).

We pride ourselves on field trips out in public, which are included with some of our programs. This means, we will be taking your dog on field trips to train in the public around people, noises, dogs, basically, all real-life distractions.

Also included with some of our programs are public follow-up lessons and these can take place here at our facility, at your home and also at many locations in public. If you, the client, find yourself especially nervous training your dog in public environments, we can coach you through that in your follow-up lessons. We will meet you, for your lessons, in public places.

Do you use treats for training my dog?

Engaging your dog’s food drive is extremely effective in dog training, and dogs love having a job and working for a “paycheck”.

The foundation of our training is marker training. Marker training is a simple way of dog training that communicates with the dog what behavior is correct and desired by the handler. We use the word “yes” when your dog is correct and we follow that with a food or toy reward.

In addition, initially, to teach your dog specific behaviors, we will use treats to help lure them into position. After a number of repetitions, we will fade out this lure. There are some commands/behaviors where we use treats and others where we do not. For example, we use treats (and sometimes toys) for recall training (the come command), because the recall should be high energy and fun for your dog. For heel (walking politely at your side, much like a service dog), we typically do not use treats as we want your dog in a calmer state of mind. A calm dog will be able to go more public places and be easier for you to control.

May I visit my dog while he is in your Board and Train program?

We don’t recommend it. We have found that it is best for the dog to limit visits. Dogs learn best when they are calm and focused, so we don’t want visits to get them overly excited and possibly impede their training. Your dog will be learning lots of new things, and I know that’s exciting. We will send you updates/photos during your dogs Board and Train stay.


May I call IQ K9 Training during my dogs stay to see how my dog is doing?

Yes. Rest assured, we will send you updates and photos every 3 to 5 days. If we have ANY concerns about your dog’s training progress, health or overall well-being we will contact you right away.

What is unique about IQ K9 Training?

We are solely a training based facility. That means that our IQ K9 dog training team concentrates 100% of our efforts on various facets of dog training. We do offer boarding, yes, however, it is only for dogs that we have trained and even then, we refresh all of their training during their stay.

Our training programs are very personalized.
Your dog lives in our home with us.
We live on 2 and a half acres (fully fenced).
We have a fully fenced training field which is great for your off-leash games and recalls.
Our environment is safe and controlled.

What time do I drop my dog off for Board and Train?

All board and train drop-offs are by appointment only.

Since all of our programs are set up in 7 day increments, we recommend that you drop off on your day off or a convenient day for you. That way your dog goes home on that same day off and your not rearranging your schedule.

You will need to spend about an hour and a half to two hours with us for your dogs “go home” lesson upon pick up.

What days may I drop off for my Board and Train program?

Dogs can be scheduled to arrive every day of the week/weekend to begin their program. We do not offer appointments on major holidays.

What do I need to pack in my dogs “to-go” bag?

Please bring enough food to last your dog’s stay, plus extra.
Current immunization records which can be emailed from your vet (iqk9training@gmail.com)
Any medication or supplements your dog may need to take while with us (heartworm meds, etc.).
Flat collar with ID tags

What forms are required?

The IQ K9 Training service agreement must be completed prior to drop off. If you are unable to access the electronic form (jotform), a hard copy may be completed when you arrive.
You will need to schedule your first “go home” lesson with us.
A copy of your dog’s current immunization forms must accompany your dog before he/she can be left with us. Immunizations required are: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella. The records may be emailed from your vet if you do not have a hard copy. (iqk9training@gmail.com)

Will I receive updates during my dogs stay?

Yes, absolutely. We will send you updates and photos every three to five days. If you need an update in the meantime, just reach out to us, we’d be happy to speak with you at any time.

Which Board and Train program is right for my dog?

This question can only be answered by your IQ K9 Professional Dog Trainer and will depend on your dog’s age, experience, previous training history, your goals, schedule, budget and family situation.

Call us today for a FREE Dog Training Consultation & learn more about how we can help you make your dog amazing. Contact us at (760) 227-5505.

Do you have any specials or discounts?

Visit our Dog Training Specials page to see our latest specials.

Your Dog Will Enjoy Our
Fully Fenced 2.5 + Acre Property

We are located in Valley Center (North San Diego County).
IQ K9 Training features a fully fenced 2+ acre property on of some of the best
land on which to train dogs here in North County San Diego.