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Be mindful of YOUR behavior around your dog. Below are some tips to help YOU avoid cultivating a separation anxiety behavioral problem with your dog.


  • Allow your dog to be on your lap or laying on your feet, all the time
  • Pet, soothe, comfort your dog when it whines or barks for attention…or is simply anxious
  • Allow your dog to demand affection/interactions
  • Be emotionally dependent on your dog
  • Allow your dog to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants
  • Provide no structure or rules
  • Refuse to crate train your dog
  • Refuse to correct your dog when inappropriate behavior occurs
  • Refuse to train your dog to be calm, relaxed, and independent by using a “Place


We are taking precautions for COVID-19
  1. Curbside service:
  1. hide
  2. We have temporarily ceased tours of our home, where the dogs stay, in order to limit the amount of people in our home to our four IQ K9 team members only.
  3. Any and all Staff and Clients must wear a mask or face covering during appointments.
  4. We no longer accept personal belongings when pets come in. We will use one of our leashes that are washed every night to be ready for the next morning.  
  5. Surfaces are being sanitized every 2 hours.  
  6. Staff members' body temperatures are being monitored daily.
  7. Any and all Staff and Clients showing any signs of illness are asked to remain home. 
We here at IQ K9 Training want to thank all of our clients! 
Please stay safe and healthy!